GAAD2021 quotes

A few my favourite quote from Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2021.

GAAD - global accessibility awareness day

Accessibility is independence, independence is living & living is for everyone.

Accessibility doesn’t damage gaming, it fixes gaming.

Vivek Gohil

Today we celebrate accessibility in video games and life, we keep the drive going towards a more inclusive society and we’ll lift up disabled people in every industry. But also disabled people are bloody fantastic and I would love to see accessibility be considered all the times not just today times.


The one and only cardinal sin in design is not designing for the reality in which people live

– Dieter Rams, via Gareth Ford-Williams

Exploring and learning about accessibility in gamedev has been one of the most rewarding and fulfilling parts of my career. Being part of a team that continuously wants to open barriers for more and more people to play games is an honor for me.

Gil Doron, Insomniac Games

Accessibility quite literally allows me to function in society, play video games with friends, and communicate with loved ones, and for that, I’m eternally thankful to the developers and brilliant minds that are pushing the movement forward.

Ross Minor

For me and many others, accessibility is a necessity rather than a choice. We want to experience the wonderful worlds and emotions that games offer, and for that, we need proper accessibility. Accessibility is not a gimmick – it’s equality, solidarity and justice.

– Markus Kämäräinen

Games and Media are social currency, so don’t leave anyone out of the conversation.

– Gareth Ford-Williams

Something we learned very early on is that Accessibility options are far more achievable when you consider them during the pre-production process.

PikPok Games

There is no “intended” way to play Psychonauts 2. We encourage players to use these and other options to customize their experience to their personal preferences.

Double Fine

I know accessibility seems like something that you have to do a lot of research to be “educated about”, but it’s not.

It’s very low effort to remember to ask yourself the question, “what about accessibility?” & you’re already well on your way.

Katey Parr, DICE



These quotes are just tiny sample of the great things that took place over the day, from personal stories to case studies, streams to launch announcements for new resources and initiatives. Lots more info on this year’s GAAD here!


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