Game accessibility at CSUN 2019

Only a few game related sessions at CSUN this year, though some great material being covered –

Thursday March 14 9:00 AM, Orange County 3, 1st Floor

Building an Accessible Math Learning Game: The Railway Hero Case Study

Wendy Sapp, Bridge Multimedia
Steve Noble, University of Louisville

The development process and lessons learned while creating Railway Hero, a new PBS Kids accessible math learning game based on the Cyberchase TV series.

Thursday  March 14 2:20 PM, Platinum 7 (MICROSOFT), 1st Floor

Evelyn Thomas, Microsoft Corporation

Xbox is excited to share the latest in accessible gaming, including our approach to design, game development, and demos of the Xbox Adaptive Controller, Copilot, and more.

Friday March 15 2:20 PM, Grand JK, 1st Floor

Javier Torres Yañez, Universidad Tecnológica del Norte de Guanajuato

Interactive multimedia game for psychomotor development of children of basic level, children with learning difficulties, and adults with cerebrovascular sequels.

Thursday March 14 9:00 AM, Platinum 10, 1st Floor

Jamie Knight, BBC

An exploration of gaming through the lens of a cognitive accessibility model. The challenges, the opportunities and what the future may hold.

Game accessibility mixer

Meetup to connect & network with others interested in or working towards greater accessibility in the games industry. Contact ian@ian-hamilton.com / https://twitter.com/ianhamilton_ for more details.


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